Professional residential photography and real estate photography, shot at twilight and in daylight, as well as world-class architectural photography of homes and private residences, provide architects, interior designers, developers, builders,

construction firms, and real estate agents the imagery they require to promote the design, construction, and marketing of the human-built environment. Creating truly excellent imagery of architecture requires many years of discipline, and herein are many examples of outstanding architectural photography of both the interiors and exteriors of structures meant for human dwelling. Exquisitely crafted architectural photographs provide visual records of the spaces in which human beings live and move and breathe, and learn and grow and create memories that last throughout our lifetimes. Photographs of homes shot during twilight are often considered to be the images that show the residences in their best light, and many samples of twilight images of residences are shown in this section. Professional architectural landscaping enhances the structures and brings them to life in these images. Supplemental architectural lighting in architectural photography creates the subtle mastery found in these photographs.

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