Bio - Allison M. Fleetwood Jr.

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The son of an architect, Al's first love was painting and illustrating - skills he employs today as a professional photographer. Al began his career in photography in 1992. After earning his Bachelor of Science Degree, he traveled widely throughout the United States, and chose architectural photography as his professional concentration. Having fallen in love with the Rocky Mountains at an early age, he moved his base to Colorado in 2002, and has since continued to expand his services to include portraiture, photojournalism, public relations, advertising, products, travel, fine art landscapes and marketing films. With 27 years of experience as a professional photographer, he shoots regionally and nationally on location for America's largest businesses, as well as many smaller, distinguished firms, and also makes his services available in selected international locales. His fine art photographs are displayed in many private galleries, and his commercial imagery has been widely disseminated in all types of business collateral, books, advertising and trade publications, local and national magazines, office lobbies, corporate websites, and television commercials.